Bored of eating food like normal people?! Here is a fun and healthy snack idea that will brighten up your day and convince your kids to get their veggies!


Raw Vegan, Refined Sugar-free, Gluten-free


Organic apples

1 cup of puffed brown rice (we have used Kallo)

 1 tsp of organic cinnamon

Coconut nectar (we have used Biona)

1 tbsp of peanut butter (we have used Bulk Powders)


STEP 1) Combine the peanut butter, cinnamon and coconut nectar; mix thoroughly.

STEP 2) Add the puffed rice to the other ingredients and keep mixing until well amalgamated.

STEP 3) Slice an apple horizontally in 3-4 pieces, depending on the size of the fruit.

STEP 4) Carefully spread the mix over the bottom slice then keep adding layers.

STEP 5) For a fun presentation, serve the apple sandwich in full. Although each slice can be eating separately with the puffed rice as a topping. EnjoyEat!

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