We absolutely love oats. Despite many people could disagree with that, we believe they are the best breakfast has ever been invented. Ever and forever. Easy to make, versatile, nourishing and bla bla bla. If we didn’t like to experiment constantly new dishes as much as we do, we could have easily eaten oatmeals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No jokes.

Here are the reasons for our fondness:

  • Oats are an incredibly healthy food. Often alleged as a nutritional powerhouse, they are high in Folate, Potassium, Thiamin, Magnesium and Phosphorus, and they are low in Saturated Fat, “bad” LDL Cholesterol and Sodium (1). They are also an excellent source of proteins and soluble fibres that contribute keeping your stomach full and satisfied for longer. In fact, according to some studies (2) a high consumption of dietary fibre and whole grain foods is associated with a lower risk of body weight gain, partly due to an increased feeling of satiety which prevents an excessive food intake.
  • Oats are classed as a low-glycemic-index (GI) food, which means that they release energy into our bloodstream slowly and steadily throughout the day, delaying hunger and promoting a greater use of fat as the source of fuel when exercising. In fact, a low GI pre-workout snack results in better maintenance of blood glucose concentrations during exercise, and a slightly higher rate of fat burning (3). According to another study, also endurance is improved when subjects consumed a low versus high GI meal prior to exhaustive exercise (4) So having porridge for breakfast it’s a great way to introduce oats into your diet, especially if you are looking to improve your nutrition and your glucose control (5).
  • Oats are super versatile and delicious any time of the day. Either you are a sweet or a savoury-toothed, you can find the right recipe to delight your palate. Make sure to add nuts, seeds, and superfoods to get the most out of your porridge and mix it with fruits for a sweeter version or with some veggies and dressings for a savoury meal. All those foods are packed with vitamins, mineral, antioxidants and have an important role in reducing the risk of chronic diseases, support vascular and respiratory health and aid in weight loss. Whatever you decide to go for, just do not ruin your healthy choice with refined sugars and processed toppings.
  • Porridge is fun to prepare and made with your golden hands. There is nothing healthier and tastier than something prepared by yourself. It’s so important and satisfying knowing all the ingredients and what they are doing to your body! And it gets even better when the result looks gorgeous. So get creative, make your meal pretty and enjoy your masterpiece.

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(Flax Green & Brown Bowl)

Finding that porridge is not filling enough for you? Try to increase your portion size, add some extra seeds or nuts and make sure to go for the Old-fashioned rolled oats which have a lower GI than the instant oats. Glycemic response and lifestyle type vary among people so just make sure to experiment different variations and find the one that works best for you.

Finding oats terribly disgusting or you have a true allergy or intolerance to gluten? Try to make your porridge with Quinoa. This plant is one of the few sources that offers complete protein content. It’s lower in fibres but also in Glycemic Index!

Finding Quinoa even more disgusting than Oats? Ok, we give up…check out some other recipes!

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