If you wish to cut down your carbs intake or you just feel like changing it up for once, try this incredibly tasty plant-based chilli served on a green leaf. Light and spicy on point!


Gluten-free, Refined Sugar-free


250g Crumbled tempeh

2 Red peppers

10-15 cremini mushrooms 

1 large fresh chilli

6 – 8 cabbage leaves 

Half red cabbage

2 250g chopped tomato/Passata (we have used Mr Organic)

1 onion

2 chopped carrots and celery stalks

1 garlic clove

A pinch of salt and pepper

2 tsp extra virgin olive oil (we have used Belazu)

1 tsp of dried basil

1 tsp of fresh parsley

1 tablespoon of chia seed

Half vegetable stock cube


STEP 1) Pour the olive oil into a mid-sized pot, chop onion and garlic into fine slices and pour them into the pot. Once the onion is golden add the carrots and celery stalks

STEP 2) Let them simmer for a few minutes and add a pinch of salt and pepper with the half vegetable stock cube. If the vegetables are getting stuck to the bottom of the pot add some water.

STEP 3) Finely slice peppers and mushrooms and add them to the pot. After a few minutes add the crumbled tempeh and let it simmer for another 5-6 minutes. While you are stirring the tempeh, add the dried basil and the fresh chilli.

STEP 4) Once the tempeh is golden, add the passata tins and keep stirring for a minute. Chop the fresh basil and add it to the rest of the sauce.

STEP 5) Wash the green cabbage leaves and lay them on a tray.

STEP 6) Turn off the hob and fill each cabbage leaf with the chilli sauce.

STEP 7) Cut the red cabbage into fine slices and sprinkle them on top of the sauce

STEP 8) EnjoyEat!


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