We love avocados and we adore them stuffed with some delicious ingredients. This mixed sprouts and seeds salad just adds an incredible yet simple touch to the green fruit. Make sure to let the sprouts absorb the dressing properly to enrich all the flavours!


Raw, Gluten-free, Nuts-free, Refined Sugar-free


1 ripe large avocado

1 pink lemon

Organic red beet sprouts

Organic mixed beans sprouts

Organic china rose and rambo radish sprouts (or any other sprouts)

Mixed seeds

1 teaspoon of rapeseed oil (we have used Mr Organic)

1/2 teaspoon of Moringa powder (we have used Aduna)

Salt and black pepper to taste


STEP 1) Cut the avocado lengthwise and remove the pit

STEP 2) In a small bowl, mix all the other ingredients and combine thoroughly.

STEP 3) Carefully place the mix on each avocado half and drizzle some extra pink lemon juice.

STEP 4) Serve right away at room temperature.

STEP 5) EnjoyEat!

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