Apple Sandwich

Bored of eating food like normal people?! Here is a fun and healthy snack idea that will brighten up your day and convince your kids to get their veggies!

Spelt & Apple Loaf

A mildly sweet high-protein loaf perfect for breakfast or a post-workout refuel snack. Apples and cinnamon together create a perfect flavour that can marry with lots of different toppings both sweet and savoury. Our favourite combination is with fresh kiwi and dried figs slices. A real guilt-free goodness!


Craving a salty snack? Here is a healthy idea that keeps you away from greasy crisps and adds some proper nutrients to your diet. Yes, 100 grammes of avocado contain almost seven grammes of dietary fibre and nearly fifteen grammes of healthy fats.

Nice and simple, no cooking required. All you need is a spoon, an avocado and some tasty dips. Our favourite ones are beet hummus and tahini sauce. Their sweet-salty-nutty flavours perfectly match with the creamy texture and slightly sweet character of the green fruit.

Mango, Chia & Gojis Jam

Forget about all those unhealthy stuff used to make the classic grandma’s jam (aka butter, artificial sweeteners and refined sugars). Get the sweetness you are craving from fructose. This brilliant and ridiculously simple recipe will show you how fruits taste better on his own and become a perfect jam when mixed with the super-soakers chia seeds and goji berries.

Oats, Figs & Walnuts Mini Cakes

We believe that oats cakes are a highly addictive snack. Ridiculously easy to make, super-nourishing and yes, bloody good! No flour or baking powder, just oats, nuts, fruits and creativity. Not fully convinced yet? Try our autumnal mini-cakes and enjoy them for breakfast or as a snack. To serve them as a dessert, add a scoop or two of our delicious Mixed Berries Nice-Cream to the plate.

Love Coconut Loaves

A delicious energy-packed recipe that will make you start the day with the right foot or will recharge you after a good workout. Promised. These delicate loaves made of coconut meat and other incredible superfoods can be enjoyed on their own or enriched with both savoury or sweet ingredients.

Tofu, Walnuts & Figs Cream

We love when nourishing food is also very easy to make. Here is the perfect example. A “power-cream” recipe featuring a wonderful combination of nutrients-packed ingredients. Figs, walnuts, and tofu perfectly blend together to create a lightly sweet flavour able to please every palate and the cinnamon touch takes it to perfection.

Banana & Coconut Latte

We love coffee and we love experimenting new ways of drinking it. This fantastic recipe is a perfect mid-morning pick-me-up & keep-hunger-away drink featuring some seriously top ingredients. Banana and salted caramel coconut yogurt work beautifully well together and will turn your Latte into a real wonder. Are you avoiding coffee or you are just not a big fun of it? Replace it with Orzo (aka barley coffee), tastes amazing and it’s totally caffein-free!

Moringa Chia & Hemp seeds Jar

An incredibly tasty recipe that can be used to make your breakfast glorious, to re-energise your body in the afternoon or end up a memorable dinner.  A real mini bomb of proteins, good fats and vitamins. Fruity, healthy, filling, nourishing and needless to say…delicious!!

Freaking Delicious Porridge Ideas

If you are reading this post, you are probably hungry and need an inspo right now. So we’ll save you from a lot of talking and we’ll go straight to the point. Although, if you have some time and curiosity read more about why we believe that porridge is one of the best breakfast options.

Mixed Berries Nice-Cream

A delicious mixed berries nice-cream made with frozen banana, frozen mixed berries, frozen coconut milk, ice, vanilla extract and organic cocoa powder.

Chocolate Seaweed Cake

Lisette Kreischer from The Dutch Weed Burger has inspired us with this mouthwatering recipe based on a mixture of an unusual combination of ingredients that make this majestic SeaWeed Cake.

Pinky Hummus

An incredibly pink and flavorful hummus variation that adds roasted beetroots to the classic recipe. Perfect as a starter with some crudité or spread on an avocado half (Avo-Snack Recipe) or with some homemade bread (Rainbow Bruschetta Recipe). TVO loves it as an “entertainer” while cooking, accompanied by a glass of light and fruity red wine.

Tofu, Chia & Olives Dip

We love dips. They are ready in 3 minutes (5 if you are tired), they need only a blender and no cooking is involved. The rule number one is: eat them right away to maximise the flavour and the health benefits! So other than being versatile, simple and incredibly tasty, they are one of the best options when you are starving.

Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

If you like jack potatoes, you are going to love this much healthier and tastier version with a Mexican twist, and if you have never liked them, believe us, you will after trying this recipe. Incredibly filling and packed with so many fresh ingredients…literally a party into a sweet potato!

Freekeh Courgette, Tomatoes & Red Onion Salad

Tired of seeing quinoa everywhere? Lets us introduce you to a “new” ancient super-grain called Freekeh! Low in fat, high in iron, calcium and zinc, higher in protein and with twice as much fibre as quinoa. The only downside of this nutty flavoured grain? It’s not gluten-free so stick to quinoa if gluten is not for you.

Venere Black Rice Spring Salad

A beautiful Spring Salad featuring veggies, fruits, seeds and the forbidden rice! That’s how this dark coloured ancient grain with impressive health benefits is also known. It’s a great source of iron and it contains the highest amount of proteinfibres and antioxidants (especially anthocyanin) of all the other more popular varieties, helping to reduce inflammation into the body and prevent all the conditions related to free radical damage. 

Stuffed Courgettes with Chickpeas & Purple Broccoli

Round courgettes are too cute to be chopped so we decided to stuff them with some colourful ingredients. Check out this super easy and stress-free recipe if you are looking for a wonderfully light, delicious and entertaining dish!

Green Beans & Cherry Tomatoes “Quinotto”

A wonderful and light recipe different from the classic quinoa salad. This time, we used these seeds (because quinoa isn’t a grain) as we would have done with rice to make a Pachino & Green Beans risotto. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to introduce you to our beautiful “Quinotto”! Lighter, less needy (yep, no constant stirring is required) and quicker than the traditional risotto. A winner dish any day, any season!

Meaty Coconut Curry

We all need some comfort food from time to time, especially when is freezing cold outside. Although the “sofa-urge” could be pretty bad after very rich meals. So why not trying something lighter yet tasty? Here is where our Meaty Coconut Curry hits the spot. 

Fruit, Seeds & Veggies Rainbow Salad

Whoever said that salads are boring has certainly never tried a serious salad. Being one of our favourite dishes we feel like defending it to the death and we’ll prove how such an underestimated dish can be so flipping delicious and nutritious. 

Greens & Seeds Loaf

After inventing and refining different sweet versions, here is finally a savoury veggies loaf. Incredibly easy and quick to make, a delicious, healthy alternative to the classic one made of meat. Prepare it when you have some spare time and eat it whenever and wherever you like!

Vegan Parmigiana

A much lighter yet delicious version of the classic Italian Parmigiana. Layers of aubergines smothered between organic tomato sauce and vegan cheese and “breaded” with natural yeast to make them crispy and cheesy. Get ready for an explosion of earthy flavors!!

Black Beans & “Guacamole” Salad

“Guacamole” salad?! Yes, just prepare all the ingredients for the classic guacamole and chop them into small pieces instead of smashing them. For some more colour, flavour and proteins add some wonderful black beans. Give it a go…it’s marvel for the summer!

Avocado Moringa Coffee

An avocado and coffee mix sounds like a horrible idea, right? That’s exactly what we thought after seeing it for the first time in a little stall in Maltby Street Market (London). But after making this veganized version, we had to think back.

Avo-Bowl Salad

Great chefs say that you eat with your eyes first, in fact how food is plated and presented is just as important as how it tastes. This beautiful avo-bowl will diversify your salad experience and will make it taste better than ever!

Stuffed Avocados with Seeds and Sprouts

We love avocados and we adore them stuffed with some delicious ingredients. This mixed sprouts and seeds salad just adds an incredible yet simple touch to the green fruit. Make sure to let the sprouts absorb the dressing properly to enrich all the flavours!

Brussels Sprouts, Apple & Seeds Salad

Whoever thinks that Brussels sprouts are boring will have to think back after tasting this sweet & sour recipe. Mixed with apples, beans sprouts and seeds they tasted marvellous! A fresh and light meal that will prove you that Brussels Sprouts are not just a dull Christmas dinner side dish…

Avo-Toast with Fruits, Veggies & Nuts

With an Avo-Toast you can’t go wrong. It’s always the winner light meal choice perfect for any time of the day. Bright, beautiful, nutritious and quick to prepare!

Rainbow Bruschetta

This colourful bruschetta selection will delight your sight and satisfy your hunger every time you’ll make the effort to prepare it. Every-single-time. The green and magenta match looks as wonderful as avocado and pinky hummus taste together.

Coconut Meat & Asparagus Involtini

Dinner party ideas can be quite challenging when your guests are not vegans. Surprise them with this alternative entree featuring two of our favourite superfoods. A wonderful wrap made of asparagus and coconut meat that incredibly matches a fresh “Mango, Cilantro & Tomato Salad”. Don’t reveal what the white “cheesy-look” ingredient is and watch your guests’ reaction once it’s in their mouth!

Veggies & French Herbs Casheese Strudel

Think about an Austrian apple strudel but instead of apples, fill it up with flavourful veggies and delicious cashews cheese. Yep, it’s not a dessert but a wonderful savoury pie perfect for any occasion and incredibly easy to put together thanks to the ready to use filo pastry.