The World Alternative Vegan Experience, this is what the WAVE means to us.

A personal project and labour of passion started by Claudia and Allan in early 2015. Despite different professional backgrounds and personal interests, the London-based Italian couple always shared a huge love for good food, healthy living and world exploring. When for ethical and health reasons, they both decided to adopt a mostly plant-based diet, cooking and eating became initially harder (oh yes!) but unquestionably more colourful and interesting…

Formerly known as The Vegan Option, the couple decided to give a twist to their project and open the doors to other interesting aspects of a plant-based lifestyle…and a new “WAVE” was born.

The World Alternative Vegan Experience

Why World… travelling, exploring, and finding vegan options around the world is what they love to do the most. So much of who they are is where they have been and what they have learned from different countries!

Why Alternative… no preaching, just real facts. Becoming a bit less shit every day can be a very fun process and that’s what they want to show while constantly reminding everyone that it’s not about perfect, it’s about the effort!

Why Vegan… well, this herbivore life is actually really cool!

Why Experience… it’s a journey, it’s an experience, and an incredible opportunity to open your mind toward new things and making small steps turn into miles!

What we do

INSPIRE… We strive to inspire people to eat mindfully, open horizons and live healthier for themselves and the planet.

SHARE… We share some simple and delicious plant-based recipes that help us every day to nourish our Souls, Bodies and Minds. None of our recipes is specifically for vegans, but exclusively for great-food-lovers!

INFORM… We provide nutritional and interesting facts about the incredible properties of some of our favourite ingredients. Learning about the food you are eating helps you to appreciate it more and mix and match it with the right balance.

COLLABORATE… We collaborate with wonderful companies that believe in our same values and ideas by sharing some of our favourite vegan-friendly products we come across during our daily lives and travels.

SEARCH… Since we love exploring different cuisines and dining with our omnivorous friends, we are in constant research of vegan and non-vegan eateries with great plant-based options on their menu. Restaurants and cafes should welcome everyone…so why not to have an option for everyone?!

One little change?

It’s not about becoming the perfect Vegan! It’s about making small steps in the right direction, it’s about wondering why there are more and more freaks around the world eating plants, it’s about making conscious choices and learning how to easy is to make little efforts every day.
That’s how positive changes happen!

Why more plants?

Because they provide you with the most amazing nutrients and taste much better than medicine! Although in many cases drugs are unavoidable, plant-based food can play a massive role in preventing and reducing the risk of contracting several medical conditions.acting several medical conditions.

Because they are cultivated in a more sustainable way. Shifting to more plant-based foods is crucial to tackling climate change, soil, air and water pollution, and other problems caused by industrial livestock production. If we decide to eat fewer meals with meat or dairy each week, we can have a huge impact on our collective health and the health of the planet. 

Because a person that follows a vegan diet produces 50% less of CO2 and uses a 1/11Th oil, 1/13th water and 1/18th land compared to a meat eater. By simply eating fewer animal products and replacing them with plants, we can make a real difference. 

Because it’s an easy way to respect animals right to life and prevent unnecessary suffering: did you know that every vegan saves more than 100 animals a year?

So what we put on our plates has a huge impact not only on our health but also on the planet we live in!

What’s your next step to make a change?

• Eat more plants (yeehii)!

• Buy seasonal, organic and local food to support more environmentally friendly food sources

• Look for non-GMO products

• Prepare your meals and reduce or eliminate processed food from your diet.

• Drink clean water

• Minimise overeating by resizing your meal and reduce food waste. We often need much less food than we think.

• Reduce, re-use, refuse

• Eat mindfully